Our Short and Sweet Story

Our story began with a passion for traveling; we were young, energetic, and intrigued with what the world had to offer. We satisfied our cravings and explored the world like a kid in a candy shop, traveling extensively as well as uprooting ourselves by moving to new countries (8 of them!). We were captivated by new locations, languages, and perspectives. After years of savoring the joys of the nomadic lifestyle, we finally returned to the US. It was clear our lives were changed and enriched by the different cultural candy and experiences we had devoured. With that revelation, Cultural Candy was born.


Cultural Candy is the culmination of years of exploration, discovery, and an appreciation for the beautiful diversity found in each country. We followed our dreams of traveling the globe and now with roots in Denver, we feel grateful that our new journey will be to share a little bit of these worldly experiences with you. Our excitement for our work is evident in everything we do, from scouting our products, telling their authentic stories, to assorting them in a cohesive, mindful way. We are excited that our travels are far from over as we find ourselves once again crossing seas, trekking through forests, and backpacking across villages in search of more cultural candy and experiences to connect you to the world.


“You have to taste a culture to understand it.” Deborah Cater

Our Founders Having Fun

We are on a Mission to make a gateway to the world through cultural candy.